Mandiant Threat Intelligence for King and Union

Integration Summary: This integration enables customers of King and Union Avalon to use Mandiant Threat Intelligence as an enrichment source for performing investigations by fusing the data with OSINT and internal intelligence in a visual link-node graph. By using Mandiant Threat Intelligence data in a way that highlights relationships and enables straightforward analysis, it allows the user to utilize the power of King and Union Avalon with additional threat intel sources in a way that operationalizes and makes the data actionable for the analyst during an investigation.

Technical details about the integration: Avalon integrates with Mandiant Threat Intelligence APIv3 so analysts can enrich indicators and actors with Mandiant Threat Intelligence to return related indicators and threat reports to gain fully contextually enriched data from the Mandiant Threat Intelligence data set. Simply enter your API Keys and then drop an indicator on the workspace and click enrich to pull back Mandiant Threat Intelligence data.

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Developer:King & Union
Supported By:Partner

Integration Info

API Version:3
Installation Type:Cloud
License:Customer API key required. Contact your Intel Enablement Manager, or contact support.