urlscan.io Plug-In

urlscan.io is a service to scan and analyze websites. When a URL is submitted to urlscan.io, an automated process will browse to the URL like a regular user and record the activity that this page navigation creates. This includes the domains and IPs contacted, the resources (JavaScript, CSS, etc) requested from those domains, as well as additional information about the page itself. urlscan.io will take a screenshot of the page, record the DOM content, JavaScript global variables, cookies created by the page, and a myriad of other observations. This Security Orchestrator plug-in enables user to submit URLs for scanning and retrieve the results once the scan has finished.

Install this plug-in via the SO Content Bundle.

Downloading this app requires a FireEye subscription to use and is only accessible for FireEye users with an active FireEye Support account. If you already have an account, please . Otherwise, please request Support Access or Contact Sales to learn more about becoming a FireEye customer.



Add-On Info

Version:3.0.0 (EA)
Requirements:FSO 4.2.0+

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