Frequently Asked Questions

About FireEye Market

The FireEye Market is a place to discover free tools created by FireEye for the greater security community, and product extensions and plugins into FireEye’s products and services. Learn more with this introductory video.

Getting Started

How do I sign up for a login?

Logins are only provided to FireEye customers, which opens up access to additional content and features not available to the public.

Do I need to be a FireEye customer to download content?

We offer many freeware and OSS tools in the Market for everyone to use. However, we do have some tools that require product subscriptions. Those include apps that might use our product APIs, or plugins/packages that are installed into our platform.

What content lives in the Market?

The Market is a mixture of freeware and OSS tools, product extensions/plugins, and additional content to augment and improve your FireEye experience. The Market content contains everything from full standalone web, desktop and mobile apps, to plugins and orchestration packages that add new capabilities to FireEye products. We even share things as simple as Python scripts might do standalone work or tie together two solutions.

Roadmap and Contributing

Do you have a published roadmap? What’s coming next?

We do have a roadmap, but nothing that is officially published. However, we are working on additional collaboration and dev tools to begin allowing partners and customers to develop their own content for the Market, and to share it with the greater FireEye community. Stay tuned for additional updates!

I have an idea for a new app. How do I share it with you?

Reach out to if you have an idea you want to share or request.

I want to create my own app for the Market. How do I do that?

Reach out to if you want to contribute your own app.