VDI Pruning

This tool is designed to allow FireEye Endpoint Security administrators to easily identify and remove stale or duplicate hosts from their controller, particularly in virtual environments where virtual machine churn can exacerbate this.

New in version 0.5:

  1. Agent deletion calls are now multi-threaded, significantly reducing tool run time.
  2. Added a –host-set-id argument, which allows for passing the ID of the host set, this allows for usage of internal host sets, i.e. All Hosts
  3. Moved the filter (hosts with alerts, acqs etc.) flags to the main argument parser, as these really apply to all sub commands.
  4. Fixed a bug when checking the length of the host set list.
  5. Added time zone to the fields list when listing stale/duplicate/cloned hosts.

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Extension Info

Requirements:A working Python installation and the Python 'requests' module
Size:0.01 MB

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