Host Remediation Module

The Host Remediation module for FireEye Endpoint Security enables FireEye Endpoint administrators to remotely connect to endpoints and execute commands.

Host Remediation module uses the existing HX to agent communication channels to securely communicate with endpoints using mutual TLS v1.2 and AEAD mode cipher. This eliminates the need to configure any additional firewall rules or ports for the module to be able to perform normal operations.

The Host Remediation module requires a hotfix (ENDPT-55092) to be installed for the module to work. The hotfix is part of the host-remediation.cms package and is copied onto the HX once the Host Remediation module is installed.

This technical preview release of Host Remediation is supported on Endpoint Security 5.0 with xAgent 31 and above.

As this is a tech preview module, the usual support SLAs don’t apply to the module. You can also provide feedback to the module team through the email listed below.

Authentication RequiredDownloading this app requires a FireEye subscription to use and is only accessible for FireEye users with an active FireEye Support account. If you already have an account, please . Otherwise, please Request Support Access or Contact Sales to learn more about becoming a FireEye customer.


Supported By:FireEye
Resources:Host Remediation User Guide

Module Info

Last Updated:July 9, 2020
Requirements:FireEye Endpoint Security Server 5.0 with xAgent 31+
Size:33 MB

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