Endpoint Security (HX) Agent Troubleshooter

The Endpoint Security (HX) Agent Troubleshooter tool is used to help gather agent troubleshooting information on multiple hosts from one central location. The tool will check multiple hosts dynamically and in parallel. No need to specify connection type or OS or specific credentials. Just give it all the hosts and all possible credentials and it will attempt all connection methods with all credentials. The tool will run the following tests:

1. Ping host

2. Connect to host via Powershell/SSH

3. Pull full system properties

4. Verify agent installation

5. Verify agent service is running

6. Pull full agent config

7. Verify connectivity to Endpoint Security (HX) controllers via ping/curl

8. Verify latest fast poll

9. Verify latest full poll

10. Pull all logs (If requested)

Changes in this latest version (posted on May 5, 2021) include:

  • Ability to force connection type with --powershell/--ssh
  • Ability to use SSH keys for SSH connections with --client_keys
  • Detailed task errors in host report output file

Authentication RequiredDownloading this app requires a FireEye subscription to use and is only accessible for FireEye users with an active FireEye Support account. If you already have an account, please . Otherwise, please Request Support Access or Contact Sales to learn more about becoming a FireEye customer.


Supported By:FireEye
Support:Developed and supported by FireEye D&I

Extension Info

Platform:Linux, Python, Windows, macOS
Requirements:Python 3.7+
Size:0.13 MB

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