CSC offers proprietary security solutions to protect companies from cyber threats such as domain name or DNS hijacking, domain spoofing, domain shadowing, and cache poisoning. CSC mitigates the risk of attacks against a company’s digital assets—their domain names, DNS, and digital certificates—helping them avoid devastating revenue loss, brand reputation damage, or significant financial penalties as a result of policies like GDPR. CSC also protects online brands that are being exploited via counterfeit websites, fraud, and IP violations, and helps monitor and mitigate this, providing enforcement and advisory services to protect many of the world's largest brands. As an official partner of FireEye, we provide added value for customers with a Helix integration of CSC's new Domain Name Security Intelligence API. This is the first integration of security controls for digital assets outside the firewall into a security operations platform, increasing the efficiency and incident response times in dealing with cyber threats. Customers can click the HelixConnect link below to enable the integration.

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